By default, Back in Stock- Restock Alerts app sends automatic notifications to merchants when the products have been restocked, and it also allows you to disable/enable this option by going to the Back in Stock app> Customize> General settings.

However, now you can also trigger the notifications manually by using the 'Trigger Unsent Notifications' button. For that, you need to do the following:

1. From the Back in Stock - Restock Alerts

2. Go to Products > 'Trigger Unsent Notifications'

Once you click on the ‘Trigger Unsent Notifications' button, the app will send all unsent notifications (including emails, SMS, and Facebook messenger - depending on what your customers chose to sign up) for all product variants if quantity is available for them.

So, even if the 'Send Notifications Automatically' option is disabled, once you click on the ‘Trigger Unsent Notifications' button, the Back in Stock app will trigger unsent notifications to be sent.

If you still need further assistance, please reach our support team at any time.

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