There are cases when you would like to merge multiple filter values into one value. For example, you may have color values such as black, jet black, black shade, dark. You may want to consolidate those values under one color "Black", follow the below steps:

  • Go to your Shopify Admin Store > App > Searchly.
  • Click on Filters and select General.
  • Select a filter (Color in this case) to merge its value and click Manage Values.
  • Now if there are two different values or misspelled values with the same attributes or properties (Black and Balck in this case) change one of the value's Display Name with (Changed Balck to Black in this case) the one you want to merge values with and click Save.
  • Run data sync to by clicking Data Sync.

Please see this example for reference:

Filter without merged values:

Filter with merged values:

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