Searchly would show a color swatch only if the color is recognized by our system. So, if your color filter has values that are not so common, chances are our system doesn't know how to map them to swatches.

However, this can be corrected easily by feeding our system proper mapping for those values.

  • Go to you Shopify Admin Store > Apps > Searchly.
  • Click on Theme Customization.
  • Click on Color Families.
  • Page of Color Families will appear where different colors has been given.

Beside every color there's a Symbol from where you can edit/delete colors.

  • Add Title, HashCode (#cecbbc in this case), and add the value of your filter you want to associate (#cecbbc) this color with (Outerwear in this case). Click Save.
  • Here is an example of adding your values to the existing Color Families. Just select a color with which you want to associate your value and click Edit.

Once you hit save, you would now be able to see a color swatch for "outerwear" value.

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