Searchly allows you to add labels to your products so you can easily highlight specific items on your collection page or search results.

You just need to follow the next steps:

  1. Go to you Shopify Admin Store > Apps > Searchly.

  2. Click on Search &Collection Page.

  3. Click on Product Labels.

  • To activate Discount Label

Mark the checkbox “Show Label” which is placed at the top and you can also from there modify the background color. Click on the Save button.

  • To Create In-Stock Label

  1. Mark the checkbox “Show Label

  2. Through this label, you may choose "In Stock", "Pre-Order", or "Out Of Stock" labels for your products.

  3. The label you don't want on your store, you just have to remove it from its field.

  • To Create Labels By Tag
    To create a Label by Tag, click on the Add Label button and from there you can assign the Product Tag, the Label type, the Text, the Background color, and its position. Click on the Save button. Please remember that you need to have the tags assigned to your products from your Shopify Admin store.

You can now check-in your collection page and you will see the labels you have created on your products.

Please see this example for reference:

We have created these labels:

And this is how they show in the collection page, labels are added to the products:

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