The notifications limit refers to the number of restock alerts you can send to your subscribed clients in a calendar month.

Each plan will have a limit to send notifications every month.

Free Plan: 20 Notifications.

Starter: 500 Notifications.

Starter: 1,000 Notifications.

Pro: 3,000 Notifications.

Premium: 5,000 Notifications.

Enterprise: 20,000 Notifications.

Enterprise: 50,000 Notifications.

Enterprise: 75,000 Notifications.

Any alert/notification sent to a customer via email, SMS, Facebook or Push Notification, is considered as one notification. So during a month of your billing cycle, you can send maximum those many notifications based on your plan limit.

You can also check how many notifications you have used and the date your next cycle will start from the banner at the top of the app’ Dashboard:

Note: If you reach the limit of notifications, they will stop being sent until your next cycle starts, when the limit resets.

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