Sometimes after you have created or added some filters, it can take time for them to appear in your store. We index products and collections information every 10 minutes, however, we also recommend you to synchronize your data every time you create a new filter or you make some important changes (like creating a new blog or page), so this way, the application will take the last information and will display it properly.

For you to make this happen, you just need to follow the next steps:

  1. Go to you Shopify Admin Store > Apps > Searchly.
  2. Once in the app dashboard click on Data Sync.
  3. Click on Force Data Sync.
  4. It will take a while to complete but you don’t need to make anything else. You can check the status within the Current Sync Status bar that will automatically show the progress done.

Note: You can also use the Data Sync button located at the top of your screen

Once the synchronization is complete, it means the app:

  • Updated search results for pages, and articles (products and collections are indexed automatically every 10 minutes)
  • Updated product reviews in the search results
  • Updated product availability information in the search results if location settings were changed
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