This app feature is specially designed for you to see how the app is contributing to increase your sales and of course to see the overall performance with search results.

The analytics section is created to give you real-time information about the app and how the customers are interacting in your store. You will have the possibility to see different tabs:

  • Overview: It summarizes the most important aspects of the application. It has searches and sales totalization, as well as sales and searches top queries.
  • Instant Search: It brings the information of the total clicks your customers have made in your store through Searchly app. You will be able to see what are the most common pages, categories, and products your customers have visited after the search.
  • All Searches: It shows the top queries your customers have done (what your customers search the most).
  • Zero Results: It shows the no results queries, the ones that produced no results.
  • Products Clicked: It has the top list of the products clicked from the search result page.
  • Products Bought: It has the top list of the most bought products through search.

Please note all of this info is updated from real-time so you will have trustable data that will show your customers' behavior when searching.

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