Sometimes your customers will write some keywords when trying to find a product, collection, or page in your store. With this option, you will have the possibility of not only showing the search result but also taking immediately to your customer to any specific page you want them to view when they write some keywords.

You can choose which keywords will take the customers to which page and you can create as much as you need. To do this, please follow the next steps:

  1. Go to you Shopify Admin Store > Apps > Searchly
  2. Once in the app dashboard click on Keywords Redirects.
  3. Click on Add Redirects.

4. Add the list of terms you want to associate with the page or the keywords you consider are the most important, separate each one of them by a comma.

5. Paste in the Redirect To field the URL of the page that you want your customers to be redirected to.

6. Click on Save button.

Once you are done, you will be able to see all the redirects you have created and from the same page, you can edit or delete them in case you need it.

Please also remember this functionality will take your customers to the page you defined once they press enter key with the search tool.

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